Chapter 5: The Beginning of the Past

Tom decides to sneak along the city wall to get to the lake and then wade to the warehouse. He gathers some ragged pieces of fabric and covers Judge 23 so that he won’t be noticed as easily. As they get to the warehouse, they see two guards are inside, right by the hole down into the tunnels. The sewer is too small for Judge 23 to crawl through, so Tom decides to knock the guards down by having Judge 23 trick them out of the warehouse and attack them from behind together with Darryl. He can overhear them saying that reinforcements were supposed to come at midnight.

Tom Turner: 3D => 2 #Komma på väg för Judge [Streetw + WITS – 2]
Tom Turner: Tar väg längs med mur och sedan via kusten
Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Förklädnad av Judge 23 [Subterf + DEX]
Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Smyga till Varuhuset [Stealth + DEX + 1]
Tom Turner: 6D => 2 #Bakanfall mot Corp.Sold. [Brawl + STR + WP]
MoP: 8D => 3 #Darryl knockout Corp
MoP: 0D => 0 #Corp #2 stay conscious
MoP: 2D => 0 #Corp #1 stay conscious

After knocking them out, Tom and Darryl take the equipment from the guards and dress as corporate soldiers. Down in the tunnels, Tom can see traces of others being there. Darryl can track them and tells Tom that they went into the storage room. Tom hurries to the computer room to get to the crystal before the other intruders, and runs into an electric mayhem in the computer room, seemingly caused by the crystal itself. He manages to hack the computer and end the self-defense program initiating the electric mayhem.

Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Uppmärksamhet [WITS+ Invest]
MoP: 4D => 3 #Darryl spårar de andra i tunneln
Tom Turner: 4D => 2 #Jämför spår [WITS+ Surv+2]
Tom Turner: 2D => 0 #Känning [PP+ Emp + PEmp-2]
Tom Turner: 0D => 0 #Stänga av försvar med Psyc
Tom Turner: 3D => 2 #Stänga av försvarssystem [INT+ Comp + WP + 2 -6]
MoP: 3D => 1 #Lightning Storm attacks Tom

Down in the crystal room, Tom can feel a psychic presence from the crystal and hear whispers. Tom does some psychic investigation of the crystal, which grants him a vision of the tunnel system when it was new and inhabited by Ancients, who were using it for some kind of military purpose. He can see that there is another way out beyond the caved in tunnel near the exit to the warehouse.

As they are about to exit the computer room, Tom hears footsteps outside and decides to hide the crystal and Judge 23. Will the Miner and his two friends, Bill and Jill, enter and starts talking with Tom. They have been scavenging and were looking for Judge 23, but Tom tells them there is nothing more to find and that reinforcements are on their way. He notices that Bill has a crystal shard.

MoP: 4D => 0 #Nerve Damage to Tom
Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Kommunicera med kristall [PP+Emp+PEmp]
MoP: 2D => 0 #Will tries to discover Judge 23
Tom Turner: 6D => 4 #Söka motiv [WITS+Emp+PP]

After Will and his friends leave, Tom hurries out to the water and can see the reinforcements entering the warehouse from a safe distance.


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