Story Summary

Prologue: Tom goes with Darryl to an Anarch gathering and meets Will the Miner and Max Kane. Corporate Soldiers attack with a combat robot, Judge 23, but the robot mysteriously malfunctions. The Anarchs kill the soldiers and Tom is wounded.

Chapter 1: Tom returns to Prometheus Seven and dreams about a child in a cave with cables. Will gives him a note saying that a mole sabotaged the Anarch meeting. Tom finds out Charlie who runs the Orphanage is the mole through his psychic powers and some investigation. Tom’s father, James, is worried but isn’t told the truth. Darryl tells Tom the combat robot ran away and wants to catch it. They track the robot to a warehouse with a hole leading down into a cave with cables.

Chapter 2: Down in the tunnels they realize it’s an underground facility that has been abandoned for a long time, but still has electricity. Tom finds the robot, Judge 23, and reprograms it to obey him. He finds a strange virus that alters the way Judge 23 communicates. Darryl keeps watch and lures corporate soldiers away from Tom and Judge 23, who breaks into the main computer room and from there guides Darryl to crawl through the ventilation system. Darryl finds a medical cybernetic arm, and while the soldiers are looking elsewhere he escapes with Judge 23. Tom decides to stay and look for the child he saw in his dream. In the generator room Tom sees the psychic child sitting in front of a large crystal and manages to get her away from it and has to escape through the sewer tunnel out into the lake.

Chapter 3: Tom sees a mystical light out on the fog covered lake. His psychic powers respond to the light and he decides to follow it. He comes to an island with a lonely tree and meets Willow, a powerful psychic who accepts the child Elise as her apprentice. Tom gazes into a crystal she carries and gets a vision of the Ancients, the creators of the crystal technology. He tells Willow about the large crystal and she wants to bring it to the mountains to unlock Ancient technology.

Chapter 4: James is even more worried and wants to install an encrypted GPS to keep track of Tom in case he gets in trouble, but Tom declines. He meets with Darryl and Max Kane who want to deal with Charlie right away. Orphans are observing them from the street. Tom follows Willow’s psychic message to bring her the crystal and convinces Max to deal with Charlie in three days. Darryl and Tom meet in his warehouse and Tom dismantles Judge 23’s armor so it can carry the crystal.

Chapter 5: Tom, Darryl and Judge 23 sneak to the warehouse and knock out the guards, dressing up in their gear. In the computer room there is an electric storm caused by the crystal that Tom manages to turn off by hacking into the computer. When he reaches the crystal he hears whispers from it and has a vision of another tunnel in the cave system that partially caved in. On their way out they meet Will the Miner and his companions Bill and Jill. Bill carries a crystal shard. Judge 23 and the crystal manage to stay hidden while Tom tells Will to leave before more guards arrive. Shortly after Tom leaves with his friends and as they start wading out to Willow’s island they can see reinforcements arriving.

Chapter 6: Willow greets them on the island and invites Tom to be initiated in the Crystal Order. They have an extensive network staying in touch through their psychic powers. Tom accepts and during the initiation he has a vision of the large crystal once being an Ancient, a humanoid with skin like the night sky. The vision shows him the Ancient once was a child staring into a large crystal. He sees a flying city built by the Ancients crash into the ocean during a war between humans and Ancients. As he comes out of his trance, Willow gives him a crystal shard and they agree to meet the following night. Judge 23 stays on the island as the city is now heavily patrolled.

Story Summary

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