Chapter 2: Into the Cave

Scene 1: Into the darkness

Tom Turner: 3D => 1 #Undersöker hål [INT+Invest]
MoP: 5D => 2 #Darryl climbs down tunnel
MoP: 5D => 2 #Darryl jumps down tunnel

Tom Turner: Använder uppåt-tjack spruta

Tom Turner: 4D => 0 #Klättar ner i hål [STY+Athletic+1(kniv)]
Tom Turner: 2D => 0 #Landa [DEX+Athletic-2]

As Tom and Darryl look down the hole they realize the only way down is climbing or jumping. Darryl makes it down safely, but Tom is still suffering from his injuries and takes a rough fall. As they move deeper into the tunnel they can see cables leading further in. They reach a four-way split and decide to follow the cables. This tunnel leads to another two-way split, one way ending in a locked door and the other to a noisy room where the door is ajar.

Tom decides to investigate the noisy room and Darryl goes back to the four-way split to keep a lookout. Once Tom gets inside the room, he can see traces of the large combat robot and decides to call it to him, with a command commonly used in the factory.

Scene 2: A new friend

Tom Turner: 6D => 2 #Tillkalla robot [PRE+Sub+2(roboterfaren)]
Tom Turner: 6D => 2 #Scanna robot [INT+Com(Programing)]

Tom Turner: Robot har kortsluttningsskador (från sabotering), nerbrutet säkerhetssystem och infekterad av datavirus

Tom Turner: 14D => 5 #Omprogrammering av robot [INT+Comp(Programing) +2 (TechComp) +2 (skadat säkerhetssystem) +2 (WP) +2 (nogrant)]

The robot cautiosly approaches Tom and he can see that is has short circuit damages, the firewalls are down and it’s been infected with some kind of virus. He reprograms the robot to obey him and decides to leave the virus in for now, as it seems to be harmless, mainly altering some communications commands. He spends significant time on this and meanwhile Darryl runs into trouble…

Scene 3: Saving Darryl

Tom Turner: 6D => 6 #Öppna låst dörr [WITS+Lar(Electronics)]
Tom Turner: 7D => 0 #Hacka datorsystem [INT+Comp+2(TechComp)]
Tom Turner: 7D => 2 #Hacka datorsystem [INT+Comp+2(TechComp)-2(extraförsök)+2(WP)]

Darryl hears Corporate Soldiers coming down into the tunnel and tells Tom to hide with the robot. They decide to split up, Tom lockpicking the locked door and closing it behind him while Darryl goes to the unlocked storage room and barricades it, as a decoy for the soldiers.

Tom gets into the main computer room and succesfully hacks the computer system after a few attempts which allows him to see a map of the facility, and he can guide Darryl through the ventilation system to the medical room, then the ventilation room and finally to the computer room where Tom is. Darryl finds a cybernetic arm in the medical room.

At this point Darryl wants to escape while the soldiers are investigating the storage room, but Tom remembers his vision of the helpless child and realizes it must be in the power generator room. Darryl takes the robot with him and goes back the way they came, while Tom descend into the generator room.

Scene 4: Escape with the child

Tom Turner: 3D => 1 #Motstå psykisk stöt [RES+PP]
Tom Turner: 4D => 3 #Kontakta barnet [MAN+Pers]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Motstå rädsla [COM+PP]
Tom Turner: 6D => 1 #Övertala barnet att följa med [MAN+Emp+3(tidgare L)]
Tom Turner: 9D => 1 #Smyga till avloppsutgång [DEX+Stealth+3(buller)+2(WP)]

Tom finds the child sitting in front of a large crystal. The crystal is pulsating with blue energetic light and the child is emitting negative psychic energy of high magnitude. Tom manages to get in touch with the child and convince her to get away with him. The soldiers are trying to break through the computer room at this point so Tom’s only way to escape is through the ventilation system that then leads to the sewage tunnel. Weary and bruised he gets out of the tunnels and into the mucky lake by the town, safe and sound with the child.


Chapter 1: Return from the other side

Scene 1: Wrapping up

Max Kane needs to return to his Anarch town. He invites Tom to come with him and leave his own town behind to learn the way of the Anarchs. Will want to join Max to Freetown. Darryl wants Tom to stay in Prometheus Seven with him and recover instead of going to Freetown.

Tom decides to stay in Prometheus Seven and when he says goodbye Will secretly hands him a piece of paper in their handshake. Tom, Darryl and one more person returns to Prometheus Seven where Tom and Darryl go to get new clothes at Darryl’s hideout.

Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Mygla föremål från Will
Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Smyga till Darryls Hideout

Scene 2: Searching for the mole

Darryl heads back to his place and Tom decides to stay the night in the hideout. He has a strange dream about a child lost in a cave system with cables on the floor. When he wakes up he covers up his wounds, buries the large pistol and assault rifle he got from Max Kane and reads Will’s note: “Someone sabotaged the Anarch meeting. There is a mole among us.” He realizes that the third person returning with him and Darryl to P7 must be the mole and starts to investigate the place where they went separate ways.

Tom Turner: 5D => 2 #Dölja skador
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Försöker minnas “Mr Misstänkt”
Tom Turner: 5D => 2 #Undersöker skiljningsplats av “Mr Misstänkt”
Tom Turner: Hittar “Mr Misstänks” spår samt ett mystisk tappad docka
Tom Turner: 6D => 3 #Psychic investigation of the mysteriska dockan
Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Dölja tillstånd för vakt [PRE+SUB+2 för förberedelse]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Spåra “Mr Misstänkt” [WIT+SUR+1 för hittat spåret]
Tom Turner: 3D => 2 #Letar rykten om “Mr Misstänkt” [MAN+STREET+1 för dockan]
Tom Turner: Barnhemmet, mannen som driver heter Charlie (har skumma kontakter)
Tom Turner: Charlie har höknäsa, är “Mr Misstänkt”!!!

At their crossroads he finds a mysterious doll made of pieces of plastic, wood and metal. He connects with the doll through his psychic power and can see the third person dropping it, as well as getting a sense that the doll belongs to the child from his dream lost in the cave. A guard comes up to him and interrogates whether he is on drugs or not, since he spaced out during his psychic vision. Tom convinces the guard all is well and continues to track the mole, but without success. He asks his connections about the mole and the doll and finds out the doll belongs to a child at an orphanage that is run by a criminal by the name Charlie. The description of Charlie matches what he remembers of the man coming with them to P7.

Scene 3: Father and son

Tom Turner: 1D => 0 #Hjälp lyft åt James i fabrik [STR+ATH-3 skadad+1 strong back]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Ber om hjälp för lyft [PRE+SUB]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Tänker ut och säger lögn [INT+SUB]
MoP: 11D => 4 #James tar hand om Tom’s skador

As Tom hurry to the train after acquiring this information, he meets his father James who wants to talk later about where he has been. At the factory, James asks Tom to help him lift some heavy equipment which reveals Tom’s injuries to James. Tom has to explain that he was shot by security guards, but lies about the circumstances. When they get home, James takes care of Tom’s wounds.

Scene 4: Scavenging for Scraps

Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Letar efter förlorad stridsrobot [WITS+INVEST]
MoP: 6D => 3 #Darryl letar efter roboten
Tom Turner: 4D => 5 #Letar efter förlorad stridsrobot fortsättning [WITS+INVEST]
MoP: 6D => 1 #Darryl letar efter roboten igen
MoP: 6D => 5 #Darryl smyger efter roboten
Tom Turner: 4D => 2 #Smyga till robot [DEX+Stealth]
Tom Turner: 4D => 2 #Nå till barnet i grottan [PSY+INT+Emp]
Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Motstå barnets rädsla [RES+COM+PSY]

Before the sun sets, Tom goes out to meet Darryl and tells him about the mole. Darryl tells Tom that the battle droid that was mysteriously disabled during their fight with the corporate soldiers has run away and wants to catch it. He is also curious about the person who sabotaged the robot, since that could be a potential ally to them. Both Tom and Darryl look for the lost robot and eventually Tom finds a warehouse with a robot-sized hole in the wall, and inside the basement of the warehouse there’s a robot-sized hole in the floor leading to a mysterious cave with cables on the floor… Tom can sense the presence of the child down there, and a wave of fear confirms that the child has unusual powers.

Prologue: Rebel

Scene 1: Home, Sweet Home

Location: Kitchen in James’ House
Tom and his father James live a comfortable life in a better sector of the town Prometheus Seven, working in one of ExaCorp’s factories as robot technicians. James is harvesting mushrooms in the basement. Meanwhile, Tom has to fend off the neighbor’s goat in the garden, about to eat their tomatoes.

Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Investigate the greenhouse noise
Tom Turner: 3D => 2 #Get close to the goat
Tom Turner: 4D => 3 #Catch goat with lasso
Tom Turner: 8D => 2 #Overpower the goat
Tom Turner: 1D => 0 #Identify goat markings

MoP: 5D => 2 #Chef Cooks Food

Tom is talking to his father at home after work, over a dinner of mushrooms, potatoes and perhaps tomatoes. His father expresses how life isn’t too bad in a factory town – after all they have food and shelter, even though work hours are harsh.

After this conversation, one of Tom’s friends knocks on the door and tells him an Anarch is in town and invites him to a secret meeting. His father wants him to stay.

Tom Turner: 3D => 2 #Conceal motive from James
MoP: 5D => 1 #James scrutinizes Tom

Scene 2: Digging for Trouble

Location: Outdoors in the town on their way to the Anarch meeting
First they have to avoid curfew guards which isn’t too hard – they can use the rooftops.

Tom Turner: 3D => 1 #Find goat’s path
Tom Turner: 4D => 2 #Stealth on house roof
MoP: 6D => 2 #Darryl Stealth
MoP: 7D => 2 #Darryl Jump
Tom Turner: 5D => 2 #Jump from house roof
Tom Turner: 4D => 0 #Hearing
MoP: 6D => 3 #Darryl Hearing

Walking toward the meeting place, they run into a group from the town Lacuna Quake. They all work in the mines there, and one of them is especially big, beardy, burly and bald. They start some casual conversation, trying to measure up each other. Will the Miner calls Tom a traitor when he figures out that he works as a robot technician.

Tom Turner: 4D => 2 #Empathy
Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Persuade Miner
MoP: 3D => 1 #Miner Threat
Tom Turner: 5D => 3 #Persuade Miner
MoP: 4D => 1 #Miner Threat
Tom Turner: 8D => 4 #Persuade Miner
MoP: 5D => 2 #Miner Threat

Tom Turner: 5D => 3 #Slide down rope

Scene 3: Fire up!

Location: Warehouse where the Anarch, Max Kane, meeting is held
The Anarch at the meeting talks about all the injustices done to the people by the corporation. He expresses his philosophy of freedom and sovereignty, that each individual should do as they please. His philosophy is that freedom is found in a gun. The group of a dozen or so criminals starts to become more and more rebellious. He asks if they have the money to pay for the guns he has stored just outside of town.

The meeting is interrupted by corporate soldiers with a large droid entering. Everyone freezes when the Corporate Soldiers arrive, and Tom sees that the Anarch is about to draw his weapon and start a fight. Darryl is exposed to the weapons of the Droid. Darryl, the Anarch and two others have guns. The Miner is poised to engage in close combat.

Tom Turner: 1D10+7 => 12 #Reflex
MoP: 1D10+4 => 9 #Miner Reflex
MoP: 1D10+6 => 9 #Darryl Reflex
MoP: 1D10+8 => 9 #Max Kane Reflex
MoP: 1D10+5 => 12 #Corp Soldier Reflex
MoP: 1D10+3 => 7 #Battle Droid Reflex

MoP: 3D => 1 #Soldier 37 shoots Darryl
MoP: 3D => 1 #Soldier 37 shoots Max Kane
MoP: 1D => 0 #Soldier 37 shoots Tom
MoP: 3D => 1 #Soldier 36 shoots Darryl
MoP: 3D => 2 #Soldier 36 shoots Max
MoP: 1D => 1 #Soldier 36 shoots Tom
MoP: 4D => 1 #Max Kane shoots Soldier 36
MoP: 4D => 1 #Max Kane shoots Soldier 37
MoP: 3D => 0 #Darryl Consciousness

Tom Turner: 5D => 4 #Gun fire vs S36

MoP: 3D => 1 #S36 Consciousness
MoP: 1D => 0 #S36 shoots Max Kane
MoP: 1D => 1 #S36 shoots Tom
MoP: 3D => 1 #S37 shoots Miner
MoP: 7D => 2 #Miner shoots S37
MoP: 6D => 3 #Max Kane shoots S36

Tom Turner: 4D => 3 #Consciousness
Tom Turner: 5D => 4 #First Aid on himself

MoP: 3D => 4 #S37 Consciousness
MoP: 3D => 3 #S37 shoots Miner
MoP: 7D => 6 #Miner Consciousness
MoP: 5D => 0 #Miner Knives S37
MoP: 4D => 1 #Max Kane shoots S37

Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Gun fire vs S37

MoP: 4D => 0 #Max Kane Support First Aid
MoP: 4D => 0 #Miner Support First Aid
Tom Turner: 5D => 3 #First Aid on Darryl

MoP: 4D => 0 #Max Kane Support First Aid
Tom Turner: 5D => 3 #First Aid on Will the Miner

Scene 4: War begins!

Location: Secret Stash in the Wastelands outside the Town
After Tom fought with the Anarch, he and Darryl is severely wounded and the group travels together to the secret stash of the Anarch.

Tom Turner: 3 Aggrevated + 3 Lethal / 7 Health
Will the Miner: 9 Lethal / 10 Health
Max Kane: 3 Lethal / 8 Health
Darryl: 3 Aggrevated + 3 Lethal / 7 Health


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