Chapter 7: Scitt

Tom wakes up the next day and has to go to work, etc. James looks at him with suspicious eyes, and expresses his worry for his only son. He starts mentioning his mother.

At work, he meets Malcom who wants to gossip about the incidents. He reveals that he was trusted to go down into the tunnels at midnight last night, but when he got there the Anarchs had already destroyed most of what was down there. He says it’s a shame that Exacorp couldn’t get a hold of this valuable technology so that Utopia could be created sooner, and that it now will be in the hands of the savage Anarchs who will only use it for violence.

MoP: 6M8 => 3 #Chef cooks breakfast
Tom Turner: 5M8 => 2 #Psycic subterfuge – Lugna far
MoP: Darryl introducerar Scitt
Tom Turner: En dag på jobbet, träffar Malcom
Tom Turner: 4M8 => 0 #Bonda med Malcom [PP + Emp + PEmp]

Scitt eats some food at computer den and starts hacking the cyberworld. First she investigates the Anarch meeting incident and finds out that Lux Nova was behind the sabotage of the robot, although his computer got fried in the process. Scitt then proceeds to investigate Charlie and finds out he enters encrypted information under supervision of Exacorp watchdogs. Scitt copies Charlie’s encrypted text.

Scitt: 1M8 => 0 #Hack
Scitt: 13M8 => 2 #Hack
Scitt: 2M8 => 1 # + 2D closed eyes
Scitt: 9M8 => 4 #Hacking, Searching info [+ 2D closed eyes -6D hidden track]
Scitt: Found lux nova behind track
MoP: Lux Nova was found out by Exacorp and the robot got fried, as well as Lux Nova’s computer
Scitt: 11M8 => 6 #Tail Charlie on cyberspace (-4)
Scitt: Hittar charlie på forum där han skriver krypterad kod
Scitt: 6M8 => 0 #Break Charlie’s cipher
Scitt: copy charlie’s cipher
MoP: 8M8 => 2 #Looking for intruders
Scitt: 13M8 => 6 #Investigating cyberguard (+2wp -4)
MoP: 8M8 => 1 #Looking for intruders WatchDog435
MoP: 8M8 => 4 #Looking for intruders WatchDog437
Scitt: 5M8 => 1 #trying to cook

As Scitt and Tom sneak toward Willow’s island with Darryl they are apprehended by Exacorp security. Tom manages to use a psychic mind trick to convince the guards that they are going home. At the island, Scitt meets Willow and Elise, who is staring into the crystal, as well as Judge 23. Willow tells them to go to the Crystal Lake Complex in the mountains above Freetown.

Scitt: 4M8 => 0 #Sneak-haiking through swamp
Tom Turner: 7M8 => 0 #smyger till Willow +2 känd väg
Scitt: 6M8 => 2 #sneak route
Tom Turner: 8M8 => 4 #ljug för vakter PP +WP
Scitt: 6M8 => 3 #Investigate crystal


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