Chapter 6: The Ancients

Scene 1: Willow’s Island

Tom arrives with the crystal and Willow thanks him. Darryl is skeptical to the idea of trusting a witch. Willow wants to initiate Tom in the Crystal Order, and tells him it has members in all major cities that stay in touch through psychic means. Tom agrees. Elise and Darryl are sent down into her abode before the initiation starts.

Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Motstånd [RES+PP]
Tom Turner: 3D => 1 #Motstånd extra ansträgning [RES+PP]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Slutsats om kristallvision [INT+PP]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Ta sig ur trans [PRES+PP]
Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Ta sig ur trans med extra kraft [PRES+PP+WP]

As he is initiated, he gains a vision of the Ancients, how their spirit seeps into a human child’s body over time and take it over as a host. The host lives for a long time, until it one day stops moving and slowly turns into a giant crystal, like the one in Willow’s possession. He also sees a war breaking out between Ancients and humans, where humans defend their children and crashes the flying cities of the ancients into the ocean.

As he comes out of the trance, his mind is torn but also surging with psychic power that he develops. Willow gives him a crystal shard that falls off the large crystal. Darryl is suspicious and doesn’t trust Tom when he says that everything is alright. He doesn’t like the idea of Elise staying with Willow but can’t offer any better solution himself.

Tom Turner: 5D => 0 #Intala Darryl att allt är bra [PP+Subterf.+PSubterf+1]
Tom Turner: 5D => 2 #Smyga hem [Dex+Stealth+WP-2]
MoP: 6D => 1 #Darryl smyger hem

Tom wants to talk to Willow alone the next day, as he isn’t sure it’s a good idea to keep Elise so close to the crystal. As there are more guards patrolling the city, he leaves Judge 23 on the island with the power shut off. He manages to sneak home without incident.


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