Chapter 4: Creating Destiny

When Tom wakes up and has breakfast, James is expressing his worries. He can smell the sewer stench and asks Tom where he has been. Tom tries to explain away the stench. James is not so easily fooled and asks Tom to let him install an encrypted GPS device that uses the satellite system.

Tom wonders where James got such an advanced device from and how he learned to use the satellite system, but doesn’t think much more of it and uses his psychic powers to calm James down. James mentions something about his own wild youth, and says that maybe he shouldn’t worry.

MoP: 5D => 2 #James Turner smells Tom’s sewer adventure (Mental + Finesse – 3)
Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Bortförklara träsklukt [WIT+Sub]
Tom Turner: 6D => 3 #Lunga James med Psykisk kraft [PsyPow+PsyEmp+Emp+Spec+WP]
Tom Turner: 4D => 0 #Uppmärksamhet [WITS+Invest]
Tom Turner: 4D => 0 #Uppmärksamhet igen mha WP [WITS+Invest]

After work, Tom meets up with Darryl for dinner and to his surprise Max Kane is there as well. Darryl and Max are conspiring to capture Charlie the Mole, interrogate him and then “fix the problem”. They want to know how deep the treachery goes. They ask Tom to join them with his battle droid. Tom can hear Willow’s voice telling him to meet her instead and bring the robot.

At this point Tom notices some orphans looking at them. He suggests that they regroup in the warehouse where the robot is and manages to get rid of his followers on his way there. He checks on Judge 23 in the warehouse and feels like the robot is doing okay. He tries communicating a little more personally with it, but gets only generic responses.

He tells Darryl about the large crystal and about Willow before Max Kane gets there and they decide to convince Max to strike against Charlie later, once they have the crystal, though they won’t tell him about the crystal. Max agrees to this since Charlie’s orphans are following them right now anyways. Tom takes off the armor on Judge 23 to lighten his burdens so that he can carry the large crystal.

Tom Turner: 5D => 2 #Avslöja förföljare [WITS+Streetw]
Tom Turner: 9D => 3 #Maskin check av Judge 23 [DEX+Craft+Spec+Mechbox]
Tom Turner: 5D => 1 #Övertala [MAN+Pres+PsyPow]
Tom Turner: övertalar Max om att skjuta upp anfallet
Tom Turner: 9D => 4 #Avmonterar Juge23 rustning [DEX+Craft+Spec+Mechbox]


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