Chapter 3: Gaining Power

As Tom gets out of the sewer into the toxic lake he looks for someplace to catch his breath and look over his wounds. There is a heavy fog over the lake and he can spot a mystical light out there.

Tom Turner: 4D => 1 #Intuition [PSY+Emp+PsyEmp+Spec]
Tom Turner: Känner dragningskraft från mitten av sjön

He follows the light and sees a hooded figure on an island with a lonely tree. He gets to meet the witch of the lake. She introduces herself as Willow and invites him to rest in her underwater cave that has its entrance through the tree trunk on the small island. He accepts her offer to take the young child as her apprentice. During his conversation he notices a crystal hidden in one of Willow’s pockets. The crystal has the same appearance and light emission as the large crystal in the generator room.

As he gazes into it he receives a vision of the Ancients, a mysterious people who may have created this crystal technology. Tom describes the large crystal in the generator room to Willow. She wants Tom to return to the crystal in the sewers and retrieve it for her, and then accompany her into the mountains to unlock Ancient technology.

Tom Turner: 4D => 5 #Undersöka Willow [WITS+Invest]
Turner: 2D => 1 #Motstå kristall [COM+RES+PSY-3]
Turner: Får vision om urfolket via kristallen

After looking over his wounds and applying her healing knowledge, she offers him some suspicious soup. He then rests for a while and recovers well starts walking home after a few hours. He is better at this point at avoiding the guards patrolling in the night and manages to sneak home without incidents, and without waking his father.

Mop: D8 => 2 #Willow tar hand om Tom’s sår
Turner: 3D => 0 #Hitta väg som undviker vakter [INT+Streetw]
Turner: 3D => 3 #Försöker hitta annan väg igen [INT+Streetw]
Turner: 4D => 2 #Smyga sig in hem [DEX+Stealth-2+WP]


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