Chapter 2: Into the Cave

Scene 1: Into the darkness

Tom Turner: 3D => 1 #Undersöker hål [INT+Invest]
MoP: 5D => 2 #Darryl climbs down tunnel
MoP: 5D => 2 #Darryl jumps down tunnel

Tom Turner: Använder uppåt-tjack spruta

Tom Turner: 4D => 0 #Klättar ner i hål [STY+Athletic+1(kniv)]
Tom Turner: 2D => 0 #Landa [DEX+Athletic-2]

As Tom and Darryl look down the hole they realize the only way down is climbing or jumping. Darryl makes it down safely, but Tom is still suffering from his injuries and takes a rough fall. As they move deeper into the tunnel they can see cables leading further in. They reach a four-way split and decide to follow the cables. This tunnel leads to another two-way split, one way ending in a locked door and the other to a noisy room where the door is ajar.

Tom decides to investigate the noisy room and Darryl goes back to the four-way split to keep a lookout. Once Tom gets inside the room, he can see traces of the large combat robot and decides to call it to him, with a command commonly used in the factory.

Scene 2: A new friend

Tom Turner: 6D => 2 #Tillkalla robot [PRE+Sub+2(roboterfaren)]
Tom Turner: 6D => 2 #Scanna robot [INT+Com(Programing)]

Tom Turner: Robot har kortsluttningsskador (från sabotering), nerbrutet säkerhetssystem och infekterad av datavirus

Tom Turner: 14D => 5 #Omprogrammering av robot [INT+Comp(Programing) +2 (TechComp) +2 (skadat säkerhetssystem) +2 (WP) +2 (nogrant)]

The robot cautiosly approaches Tom and he can see that is has short circuit damages, the firewalls are down and it’s been infected with some kind of virus. He reprograms the robot to obey him and decides to leave the virus in for now, as it seems to be harmless, mainly altering some communications commands. He spends significant time on this and meanwhile Darryl runs into trouble…

Scene 3: Saving Darryl

Tom Turner: 6D => 6 #Öppna låst dörr [WITS+Lar(Electronics)]
Tom Turner: 7D => 0 #Hacka datorsystem [INT+Comp+2(TechComp)]
Tom Turner: 7D => 2 #Hacka datorsystem [INT+Comp+2(TechComp)-2(extraförsök)+2(WP)]

Darryl hears Corporate Soldiers coming down into the tunnel and tells Tom to hide with the robot. They decide to split up, Tom lockpicking the locked door and closing it behind him while Darryl goes to the unlocked storage room and barricades it, as a decoy for the soldiers.

Tom gets into the main computer room and succesfully hacks the computer system after a few attempts which allows him to see a map of the facility, and he can guide Darryl through the ventilation system to the medical room, then the ventilation room and finally to the computer room where Tom is. Darryl finds a cybernetic arm in the medical room.

At this point Darryl wants to escape while the soldiers are investigating the storage room, but Tom remembers his vision of the helpless child and realizes it must be in the power generator room. Darryl takes the robot with him and goes back the way they came, while Tom descend into the generator room.

Scene 4: Escape with the child

Tom Turner: 3D => 1 #Motstå psykisk stöt [RES+PP]
Tom Turner: 4D => 3 #Kontakta barnet [MAN+Pers]
Tom Turner: 3D => 0 #Motstå rädsla [COM+PP]
Tom Turner: 6D => 1 #Övertala barnet att följa med [MAN+Emp+3(tidgare L)]
Tom Turner: 9D => 1 #Smyga till avloppsutgång [DEX+Stealth+3(buller)+2(WP)]

Tom finds the child sitting in front of a large crystal. The crystal is pulsating with blue energetic light and the child is emitting negative psychic energy of high magnitude. Tom manages to get in touch with the child and convince her to get away with him. The soldiers are trying to break through the computer room at this point so Tom’s only way to escape is through the ventilation system that then leads to the sewage tunnel. Weary and bruised he gets out of the tunnels and into the mucky lake by the town, safe and sound with the child.



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