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This is a story about a Robot Technician, living in the town Prometheus Seven, under oppression from ExaCorp. The factory trains come about an hour after sunrise and he works until about an hour before sunset. There is a curfew after dark in the town and security guards patrol the streets.

The ozone layer is thin and the sun burns anyone exposed to it. Crops grow mainly in greenhouses where they can be protected from UV-rays, acid rain and polluted air. The oceans have risen and engulfed much of the land we live on, while they remain contaminated with oil spills and chemical toxins. Earth has become a hostile place to live and the population has dwindled due to starvation. The oil resources have been depleted and biofuels are now used for cars and trucks.

Still, life finds a way. There is still sturdy cattle that have adapted to the harsh environment, and horses are now more common than cars. While crops are hard to grow, goats are easy to herd. Mushrooms grown in underground caves with faint artificial light has become a staple for many.

Technology has advanced, yet become less available. After the Apocalypse, a lot of technological advancement was lost. What is now referred to as “ancient” technology is often more advanced than what is produced in the Corporate Factories.

The Internet is still active, now broadcasted by satellites set up before the Apocalypse, and maintained by AI’s that are sustained by solar power. The Internet is a much more hostile place, however, and the only way to access it is through knowing how to code.


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